My name is Bryan Sharpe . Lead developer @imagex_media. Lead developer @meinanutshell1. One hell of a model Canadian ...sorry 🇨🇦
As a senior developer and team lead, I've worked with large e-commerce clients such as Telus, Eikon, and Koodo to architect, manage, and develop custom solutions for online products, orders and fulfillment. I also am the lead developer at Me in a Nutshell (the site currently invading your eyeholes), where you can take your social media and create beautifully crafted portfolios.
The Brocktologist! Yaaaasssss!
December 16, 2018
Grand Master of D8 @acquia today, now working on Grand Master of 18yr @DalmoreWhisky
December 14, 2018
I feel sorry for all the teachers that had like 30 student's cell phones all go off just now
November 28, 2018
The Brocksmith back in action tonight, stoked!
November 27, 2018
I feel a #shotgunjake tonight ... possibly even if he doesn't score
November 23, 2018
Hey @acquia update apache solr already! Solr 4.5 is pretty unacceptable considering solr is up to 7.5...
November 23, 2018
Anytime I'm really annoyed with a co-worker, I try to remember poor @RonMacLeanHTH and I somehow become more patient
#nhl #hockeynight #cbc
November 17, 2018
I love when you make a typo, but then copy and paste that typo around in your code, then debug for way too much tim…
November 15, 2018
November 13, 2018
Dear parents who's kids get a jar of glitter sparkle water (whatever the fuck that is), a glowstick, stickers, and…
November 12, 2018
RIP Stan Lee :(
November 12, 2018
Am I the only one who remembers The Jerky Boys?
November 11, 2018
I still to this day do it all for the nookie...
November 10, 2018
Can we please drop Pouliot? He is a disaster
November 10, 2018
Passed the @acquia BE specialist exam today, now onto some well deserved 🍺!
November 9, 2018
Quick, what's the international sign for joking?
November 4, 2018
And as the clocks turn back an hour, they say if you listen close enough you can hear a whisper in the air from par…
November 4, 2018
For anyone with leftover bitcoin FOMO, I got a couple invites left:
November 3, 2018
Not gonna lie, I kinda hope #fattugfriday turns into a #shotgunjake Friday..
@Jake_Virtanen @driftwoodbeer
November 2, 2018
October 31, 2018
Pettersson and Boeser back in the line up, let's do this boys!
October 27, 2018
I've learned recently that "I couldn't find it" is 6 yr old for "fuck you, get it for me"
October 22, 2018
Is it me or does @canadapostcorp strike about twice a year? figger it out...
October 22, 2018
Holy shit it's Sunday, I gotta start planning for my big day of pretending to work tomorrow
October 22, 2018
A little more personal...

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