My name is Bryan Sharpe . Lead developer @imagex_media. Lead developer @meinanutshell1. One hell of a model Canadian ...sorry 🇨🇦
As a senior developer and team lead, I've worked with large e-commerce clients such as Telus, Eikon, and Koodo to architect, manage, and develop custom solutions for online products, orders and fulfillment. I also am the lead developer at Me in a Nutshell (the site currently invading your eyeholes), where you can take your social media and create beautifully crafted portfolios.
Drupal, why should I use media? Seriously, I've yet to find it make anything easier for anybody
August 14, 2018
My wife suffers from lastbiteaphobia. It's a condition in which she cannot, no matter how good tasting, finish the…
August 13, 2018
- Kids see graveyard on a drive and get scared
- Kids misbehave
- "Dad, why are you digging a hole in the ya…
August 13, 2018
The song Honey Honey from Mamma Mia would work well as a murder montage in a horror film ...just sayin
August 11, 2018
And I might be paraphrasing a bit here, but "go fuck yourself"
August 6, 2018
Popcorn butter in the eye...
July 19, 2018
Did the Acquia developer certification today, not too shabby if I do say so myself!
July 9, 2018
Judge a man not by the color of his skin, but by the pattern in which he cuts his lawn
July 8, 2018
"Right?!" is the new "Totes", you're better than that.
July 7, 2018
People who refer to other people as "hun"
July 6, 2018
When changing lanes, you can assume nobody is beside you if you're going fast enough
June 28, 2018
* {@inheritDoc}

The lazy coder's loophole
June 19, 2018
I am always the exception to the rule
June 13, 2018
Congrats @Capitals !! The Stanley Cup ceremony is one of the few things that can get emotional, enjoy it!
June 8, 2018
I just published “Drupal 8: Using Entity Embed to place reusable inline scripts into WYSIWYG content”
June 1, 2018
Kids are cute until they are tall enough to get hit by the freezer door, that's the turning point
May 31, 2018
Caps in 6, boom!
May 28, 2018
You see, you have this mat, with different CONCLUSIONS written on it that you could JUMP TO
May 27, 2018
Remember pwned?
May 27, 2018
Awwww yiss! Great way to start a Friday @travisxthompson
May 25, 2018
Beat it, beets
May 24, 2018
Drupal Accessibility module Sa11y now in open beta!

#Drupal #a11y
May 24, 2018
I tried to change my password to BeefStew01 but they said it wasn't stroganoff
May 12, 2018
Chopsticks for one, wasabi for two
April 19, 2018
A little more personal...

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