My name is Bryan Sharpe . Lead developer @imagex_media. Lead developer @meinanutshell1. One hell of a model Canadian ...sorry 🇨🇦
As a senior developer and team lead, I've worked with large e-commerce clients such as Telus, Eikon, and Koodo to architect, manage, and develop custom solutions for online products, orders and fulfillment. I also am the lead developer at Me in a Nutshell (the site currently invading your eyeholes), where you can take your social media and create beautifully crafted portfolios.
Well that PP was absolute garbage...
February 8, 2020
Where the hell is Boeser lately?!
February 2, 2020
So for fun I decided to run PHPCS on a project I got put onto just for their custom modules.... Yikes
January 31, 2020
I had #coronavirus and it was pretty rough, now I've picked up #budweiservirus
January 28, 2020
Player of the game Demko
January 28, 2020
Playing in my first hockey tournament in over a decade this weekend. And I am FUCKING STOKED!!!

...That is all
January 16, 2020
What a boring game
January 3, 2020
Y'all are sleeping on these guys Outkast man, shit's gonna blow up in 2020
December 20, 2019
There's never not a thing
- Me, 2019
December 18, 2019
Drupal: a million ways to do things, not a single one works
December 13, 2019
Me: Amazon, deliver me upstairs to bed
Wife: you don't have prime anymore
Me: I'll be on the couch til Friday
November 27, 2019
What a massive win! Way to stick with it #Canucks
November 23, 2019
I don't even like Don, but firing a guy on Rememberance Day who has always put patriotism and Canadian military in…
November 11, 2019
November 8, 2019
~$30 for a medium pizza @bostonpizza ?? Holy fuck get over yourselves
October 26, 2019
Whatta comeback! Huge props to @j_markstrom for keeping it at 2 when it counted and a @BoHorvat hatty to top it off…
October 22, 2019
7yr old: Dad, I wonder where the tooth fairy gets all her money
*GASP* Maybe she's a bank robber!!!!
October 18, 2019
I can go to a jewelry shop and try on thousands of dollars, but can't try on a smartwatch at BestBuy?! Fuck you tec…
October 16, 2019
I find personality is a HIGHLY underrated attribute of developers. The smartest, most efficient developer in the wo…
October 2, 2019
October 2, 2019
Where the hell is @chiliklaus ??
September 25, 2019
I absolutely despise election-time politics (if you can even call it that). Nobody says anything unless it's about…
September 18, 2019
Watching "Woodstock" on Netflix and I am absolutely convinced "Wavy Gravy" footage is just @GatenM123 from Stanger Things...
September 15, 2019
Turning hate from one group to another doesn't make you an activist, it makes you an asshole
September 14, 2019
A little more personal...

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